At Mercedes already nine titles? No thought in Vettel's head


( – At the end of the season (**********************************************************************************************) -1 title clearly the upper hand against Lewis Hamilton. The German had collected four championships at this time with Purple Bull, Hamilton was at one of the season Six years later, the Briton now has six titles in the account – Vettel's collection, however, is no match.

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Despite all the skills of Hamilton, of course, the years of dominance of Mercedes plays a major role. Therefore, one can certainly already consider how many titles Vettel would now have on the account, if he would have opted for Mercedes and not for Ferrari then.

For five years, the German is now at the Scuderia so that in the best case nine titles could now be on the credit side. But of course this is just a mind game and not even in the head of Vettel itself: “No, not really,” he waves off. “Of course they have put the strongest package in recent years, but I am happy where I am.”

His goal of the world title with Ferrari but he could not meet so far. It looked after the winter testing afterwards, as could “With the progress I would have wished that this year we could maintain the pattern that was at the very beginning of the winter tests, so it was not like that.”

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“After the first two or three races it was not a fluke, but relatively clear that the backlog is there,” says Vettel.

Until the summer break, the team did not succeed, but then turned up Ferrari , Charlec Leclerc won in Belgium and Italy, Vettel in Singapore. But it was not enough to intervene in the World Cup fight. “Our step, if he came, came too late, we would have had to move up to seriously pressure Mercedes,” he says.

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Nevertheless, Vettel sees it as a positive sign that one could come back again, because previously the Reds seemed to fall back in the course of the season. “It's a positive pattern, but the key is that we'll be in first place right from the beginning next year – and then stay ahead.”

“What's important is that we learned where our weak points are, “he adds. “Partly we have been able to react, but some of us change to next year will help with a new car, but it will be very competitive because not only have we learned lessons, but also others.”

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