Irvine: Vettel does not deserve to be named four-time Formula One World Champion


Former Ferrari racer Eddie Irvine is convinced that Sebastian Vettel is greatly overrated, and Ferrari is correct in his view to focus entirely on young Charles Leclerc.

Irvine believes that by favoring Vettle, Ferrari is doing harm to Charles Leclerc, who, in Irish's belief, could contend for the World Cup title.

Former teammate Michael Schumacher at Ferrari is convinced that Vettel does not deserve the set of apart first team runner from Maranell.

“I think Vettel is a good driver, but he makes a lot of mistakes and I've never had one really quick. This has already been proven by Ricciardo and Leclerc and I am surprised that Ferrari has offered him such a contract. I think Ferrari should focus on Leclerc in the future. It has happened many times that a young racer is sacrificed for Vettl, who is a four-time world champion, but in my opinion does not deserve this title. Hamilton has always killed Vettl in a one-on-one fight, while Leclerc has shown in Monza that he can stand up to him and defeat him. ”

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