At Ferrari, they admit they weren't as fast on the plains in Austin


Ferrari chief Mattia Binotto acknowledged that Ferrari was not as fast in the last race in Austin as in some other races, but declined to suggest that Ferrari's inferior form in the US was in any way related to directive issued by the FIA ​​before the US race.

Before the US GP race, the possible manipulation of fuel flow sensors was clearly identified as illegal by many, and many immediately related the inferior shape of the Ferrari on the Austin track to this decision.

Ferrari chief Mattia Binotto described the allegations as wholly unfounded, but at the same time admitted that Ferrari's advantage on the plains was slightly less.

“It is true that our advantage on the plains this time was slightly less, but it should be emphasized that at the same time we were more competitive in turns. The suggestion that we were changing certain things because of a directive issued by the FIA ​​is ridiculous. In qualifying, we were only a 12 short of the fastest time, while we had some grip issues in the race, which we need to address as soon as possible . ”

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