Montezemolo: Leclerc can't be Ferrari's first racer until he can handle himself


Former Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo is convinced that upright young Charles Leclerc will learn how to handle his radio response if he wants to become the first Maradell Scuderie racer.

Charles Leclerc has repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with the decisions of Ferrari's command desk this season, and the behavior of the young racer has not impressed longtime Ferrari president Luca Cordera di Montezemol.

Montezemolo commented on the Ferrari event for Corriere dello Sport.

“If you want to be the first Ferrari racer you have to master yourself.

I can assure you that those who would come to my office with comments on the strategy would hear them loudly. I still remember today the case with Barrichell, who was extremely angry when it was upright in Austria to release Michael. I told him it was upright to do what I commanded him and the matter was completed. “

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