“Pure Socialism”: Williams does not earn budget limit, finds Villeneuve


(Motorsport-Total.com) – (**********************************************************************) Years ago, Jacques Villeneuve and Williams stood together on the Formula 1 Olympus. Since then, both parties have not been able to continue this success. And Villeneuve never tires of criticizing his former crew. This time, because he converted the budget limit from . Robert Kubica


Purely from the results Williams leads only a shadowy existence … Zoom Download )

In the 'Journal de Montreal' Villeneuve storms loudly at Williams and Formula 1 spending cap: “Used to be to help those little teams who do not deserve it, does an organization like Williams have the right to be as fast as Mercedes or Ferrari? The answer is obvious: no. “

Williams had maneuvered years ago into a sporting offside and it would be the crew not to receive a rules-based supportive help, so the fr here F1 driver. “Honestly, Williams does not even compete in the same league, in my eyes it's pure socialism, Formula One deserves better.”

The special Williams balance sheet has still well (***************************************************************************************************************************************************************) The administration and the shareholders are satisfied. “

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The FW (*********************************************************) debuts in the year 1974. Driver: Arturo Merzario. Frank Williams (hyperlinks) is not sitting in a wheelchair yet. Photo gallery

“Only the top teams will be the (*****************************************************************************************************************) million euros would lie: Williams would just 20 Millions spend and stay last, says Villeneuve, calling the enhancement a “joke.” His conclusion: “Nobody wins.”

Williams sees it differently, the deputy Team Principal Claire Williams, for example, took note of the new regulation, including the budget limit, “delighted,” she said, “that's the rule package we wanted to see,” she says, “and that's exactly how we wanted Formula One. That way, teams like us stay able to act. “

However, Williams writes in the red: In the first half of the year 2021 was a loss of 8 million euros, sales also declined noticeably, which is also a consequence of the weak performance in Formula 1 in recent years. ((*******************************************************************************) Here are more particulars to retrieve! )

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