(Motorsport-Total.com) – It's two races to go (************************************) : 19 in favor of McLaren. But now Renault seems to have understood why it threatens to succumb in a duel with McLaren in the Formula 1 season Team boss Cyril Abiteboul tells Motorsport-Total.com: “McLaren has built a better car, a better chassis, that's a fact.”

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Renault Vs. McLaren: Factory and Customer Team Fight for P4 in the World Cup Zoom Gain

And that has an effect on the performance on the track, quite blatantly in qualifying, as Abiteboul continues: “McLaren is just over half a second faster than us.” So at least battle it at the US Mountainous Prix in Austin. Before that, the Renault backlog sometimes fluctuated tremendously between a tenth and more than a second. Constant battle only: Renault journey behind.

This is also the picture that shows with regard to the seasonal statistics of the two groups: Renault started (rounded) on average from grid position eleven, McLaren of grid position ten , The better starting position used McLaren in the race for an average of three points reputable use, Renault, however, comes to “only” two points. (

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In the race, Renault turns the tables

“We know: In qualifying, the true performance is noticeable. However, this also shows the limits of the vehicle, “says Abiteboul. “Our car has some basic characteristics that are not great when you push it to the limit, and in the race where you're more budget-conscious, it's much rounder.”


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But then Renault has the handicap of the worse in comparison start positions, which conceal that the factory team in the race trim “closer or even better” than McLaren, as Abiteboul describes.

Renault rider Daniel Ricciardo confirms this impression of an increase to the race and says: McLaren is more easily with the vehicle to push into the border area. Let's put it this way: The stakes window of her vehicle seems to be a bit wider, looking back: Hamilton's first world championship title. “

Take time … Our stakes widen in the race, so we can turn the tables, “says Ricciardo.

However, this year Renault has been in Abiteboul pushes this not only on the starting places, but also on “strategy and racing events.”

His conclusion: “We know what we need to focus on usa and we must just accept that things they need their time, whether usadas like it or not, Formula One is tough. “

With McLaren you also have a worthy opponent. “McLaren is still a fantastic crew and a great name, I'm not ashamed to fight McLaren,” says Abiteboul. Although it is a duel between factory team and customer team.

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