Rumors: Will Renault Formula 1 Be Spoken?


There are growing rumors in Formula One caravan that the new CEO of French Renualt Clotilde Delbos, Appointed by the French Government, headed by Prime Minister Emanuel Macron, is not particularly in favor of the French manufacturer's involvement in Formula One.

According to German media reports, Delbos could soon decide to shut down the F1 program, and Renault would thus cut costs and improve the performance of the entire group, which has seen a decline in revenue in recent years.

The decision to leave Formula 1 could also be helped by the penalty awarded to Renault by the FIA ​​for using a controversial braking system that, according to Renault's management, damages the French brand's reputation.

Renault's departure from F1 after the end of this season is unlikely, as the French team already has all the contracts for next year, including an astronomical contract by Daniel Ricciard, which earns more than

million dollars. The possibility of Renault leaving the fastest circus, however, could be realistic before the season 2021 before teams conclude negotiations on a new Concorde deal.

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