Russell no longer looking out for Mercedes’ validation over 2019 performances


Russell not seeking Mercedes’ validation over 2019 performances

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“Whilst you’re a postman and likewise you put up a letter, you don’t question someone to pat them on the serve for posting a letter – that’s their job. My job, [Mercedes] invested in me, they heart of attention on in me. My job is to construct to a high stage, week in, week out, attributable to that’s what they question from me.

I fancy this analogy.

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Eerily linked to something Mario Balotelli acknowledged

‘After I fetch, I don’t have an very perfect time attributable to it’s my job. When a postman delivers letters, does he have an very perfect time?’

stage 2

Wasn’t this acknowledged by Ibra or presumably Ballotelli about a years serve?

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Top lad he’s. Hope he will get to inform his elephantine possible.

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I’m hoping he can a minimal of fight with the tail pause of the midfield next year. He’s had a year of 0 stress the least bit on F1, but also a year of no longer making improvements to his drag craft while the total other beginners were racing. If he must be on a lone backmarker for a protracted time it would possibly possibly most likely wretchedness his development.

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