[OT] 13 12 months susceptible lady Juju Noda will compete in the 2020 Danish Formula 4 Championship (14 when the season starts)


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Daniel Ricciardo

17 minutes ago


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God, I wish now we own some solid female drivers at some point soon. Formula 1 would skyrocket in reputation mighty more

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Giuseppe Farina

3 sides · 13 minutes ago

She’s been driving F4 and F3 vehicles since she used to be 11. She’s maybe purchased loads more single seater trip than the some distance older drivers she’ll be driving against, I’m genuinely new how nicely she’ll attain.

For those that do no longer know about her, here’s a video from wait on when she used to be 11. In actual fact frosty how nicely she’s dealing with the F3 car.

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