Renault Future: Alain Prost “not at all pessimistic”


( – Renault will probably miss its seasonal goal 620 , The French had announced that they would be fourth in the WC . But two races before the end you are 08 points behind McLaren. Under normal circumstances, you will not be able to catch up. Advisor Alain Prost is responsible for the race in Japan, where Renault was subsequently disqualified .

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“It makes a big difference, because we not only lost points, the others also got some, “he recalls. Nine counters lost Renault thereby on McLaren. World Cup rank four Prost hooks now more or less. “At the end of the season, at least we have to show something again, which is good for Valid, we had a very tough season,” he explains.

“We were in the second half of the season Usually good in the races, but sometimes things like accidents happen in the first corner, “said the four-time World Champion. In fact, Renault scored in the second half of the season significantly more consistent than before the summer break. With the exception of disqualification in Japan, the French have been counting every race since Spa


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But it is also clear that Renault is still behind its own claims. Because in the medium term you want to fight for victories and titles again. “We know where we stand, but it's difficult to explain that outwardly,” Prost muses, explaining, “When you build something, you sometimes lose something.” Our self-discipline is still not very stable because we change the organization . “

” For the future I'm not pessimistic at all, “he emphasizes confidently. “It only takes a little more time to get there,” says Prost. The direction is correct for every plunge. In Austin one was recently “very satisfied” (*********************************************************************************************************. “We know that we could have beat McLaren without incident,” said Prost.

In the past two races in Mexico and the US, Renault made it for the first time this year, in two races one after the other both cars in the high With regard to the World Cup, however, this probably comes too late.

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