Helmet design: Formula 1 drivers demand “all freedoms”


(Motorsport-Total.com) – Used to be magazine Daniil Kwjat only thinks when he sees his Formula 1 driver colleagues periodically advance with new helmet designs? Because even the world federation FIA had forbidden in his home race in Russia to use an alternative Discover. Kwjat stuck to it, others deliberately did not – and called on the regulators to relax the corresponding statutes.

Sebastian Vettel


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“It's your helmet, as a rider, you should have all the freedom to do so Do you want used to be you want, “says for example Ferrari man Sebastian Vettel.

He is known to use many partially only in detail different variants of his design. “I think the rule is therefore great bullshit,” he says. Reason: “We already have very little leeway, the helmet is probably the only opportunity.”

Helmet design is driver's matter our helmet looks. “

Purple-Bull rider Max Verstappen, who also frequently experiments with his colors, agrees with Vettel and says,” I've always liked Seb as a favorite with Purple Bull practically used a different Create in each race, the battle chilly, you've always wondered: will it be used to be a Create this time? “


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“I myself have a few different designs but not for every race, because that's too much of a hassle, but if I wanted to compete in red or blue at the next race, why not? It's your helmet and you should decide to use it to. ”

The helmet as a distinguishing feature – battle times!

Everything should be allowed, says Verstappen, after all, the helmet no longer serves as the sole distinguishing feature. “We have big numbers on the cars and [den Cockpitschutz] Halo over the cockpit.” “That could be easy on us,” says Verstappen. “I think it's nice to have a different Create every year. Only the same Discover, that's boring. “

The latter sees Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas skeptical, he says:” Sometimes it's nice to keep the same Create. Of course it also has a charm to make something special every now and then. Everyone has a special occasion. It would be nice if we had a few more freedoms because the helmet is personal. We should choose, not someone else. “


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