(Motorsport-Total.com) – McLaren was able to establish itself as “Handiest of the rest” during the season But there are still many areas where the team can improve a lot, as Team Principal Andreas Seidl knows. The pit stops are definitely one of them. The German is not satisfied with this

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McLaren stops: only twice the team manages the fastest tire change Lando Norris Zoom Gain

“The pit stops are definitely an area in which we need to improve quite a bit, we have to help the racing team, especially the mechanics. ” Seidl seeks to improve the equipment. “If we update the hardware, we can make them better tire changes.”

Only recently in Mexico screwed the crew a rear wheel to Norris 'Car not correctly , he had to give up the race then. Already in Italy, the team Carlos Sainz sent back with a loose wheel on the track. In the rating of the fastest pit stops 2019 the team was able to prevail in two races.

In 2, seconds changed the team wheels on Sainz's cars at their home race in Barcelona – the fastest ever McLaren stop In Russia, too, the team was particularly fast, and in the overall pit stop ranking, they are currently in fifth place.

Overall So far race) At least one pit stop of the team made it to the high – 10 – score. The two-second limit, however, the mechanics could not undercut. Only Williams and Purple Bull succeeded in this season.

Not only should the tire changes be fast, but they should also be executed correctly – so that there are no dramas like in Mexico. “This is a project we are working very hard on but unfortunately it takes time, it's one of those processes where we are in the middle of it to become a better team.”

The Mexico Weekend was a wake-up call that the troupe should not be impressed by good results, so Seidl. “The big difference with the top teams is not just the vehicle performance, it's the artwork and the way they go through weekend after weekend.” Seidl and his team strive for this consistency.

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