A bold plan: Components 1 will be carbon neutral in 2030


Components 1 has put forward a bold strategy that predicts that the elite motorsport class of the flight inventor 2030 will achieve carbon neutrality, affecting both F1 cars and all other activities on and off the track.

Components 1 will launch activities for a “green” future in the near future and is expected to become sustainable over the next decade, while hybrid technology will remain a vital part of the fastest sport.

2025 – All events sustainable

2030 – F1 to be uncover-zero carbon

Dedication and innovation is in F1's blood. Welcome to our next anguish. # F1 pic.twitter.com/6DAO3tSiJc

– Components 1 (@ F1) November 12, 2019

Formula One Executive Director, while endorsing the new strategy, said:

When designing the first sustainable Formula One strategy, we have taken into account the critical role of global organizations in addressing global warming. Components 1 is no exception.

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