“Car F1 Carbon Emissions are Nothing compared to Airplanes”


The Williams Goerge Racer Russell points out that racing is certainly not a major contributor to climate change, while pointing out that there are many other sources of carbon emissions that are significantly more harmful to the environment than identical Formula One races.

Although the young racer is aware that addressing the environmental issue is very important, he is also convinced that it would be unfair to attribute the unfair blame for global emissions to racing and Formula One.

“In Formula One, every car consumes 100 kg of fuel per race, which means that all teams consume approximately 2000 ) pounds, in the worst case it means 20. 000 liters The largest aircraft in overseas flights consume more than 200. 000 liters of fuel. Everyone says Formula 1 is harmful to the environment, but when compared to other things, it's actually a drop in the sea. A Jumbo Jet flying from New York to Sydney can carry 230. 000 liters of fuel. Certainly Formula 1 is not the most frugal sport, but we need to look at the bigger picture. ”

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