Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto doesn't believe the season 2021 will bring changes to the top of Formula One, despite the budget constraints, where Mercedes, Ferrari and Crimson Bull have reigned for years.

For the first time in its history, System 1 will introduce restrictions on spending money, making sport more equitable and more sustainable at the same time. The cost limit will be set at 175 millions of dollars per team per year and applies to all but excludes marketing costs, racers' salaries and the top three staff in each team.

Reducing F1 costs is expected to close the growing gap between big and small teams, but Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto does not believe that will happen.

“I believe that the best teams will initially be at an advantage because of the better capacity we have to develop a new car. Of course, the differences will be smaller later, but the discontinuity [pravil] is a big challenge. Today it is very difficult to predict what will happen. I think the best will stay the best. The fact is that we have the best engineers, we have the resources and the budget, so I'm pretty sure not much will change. “

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