Ever since the start of the hybrid era 2014, Mercedes has established absolute dominance in Formula One, and according to the renowned Forbes magazine the German manufacturer has already spent $ 1.4 billion to develop its hybrid powertrains.

Since the start of the era of hybrid 1.6 liter V6 turbo engines, Mercedes has won just 73. of all races. With a big lag, the German manufacturer is followed by Ferrari, which got 14 4% of the races and Renault with 10. 2% while Honda's share is minimal (1.7%).

The Mercedes Motor Development Financial Report reveals that since its V6 engine development began, its total cost has been $ 1.2 billion (914, £ 4 million). If this model continues, the Mercedes enact will cost $ 1.4 billion to expire Concorde's current contract.

Forbes predicts that Ferrari's F1 engine development program is expected to be even more expensive, which cannot be confirmed, as Scuderia does not issue separate financial statements for engine development.

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