Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto has confirmed that Charles Leclerc will be launching a new powertrain in the upcoming GP race, and Monacan will start the race in São Paulo

places lower than the qualifying score.

Before the US race, Leclerc got into trouble in his third free training, which he was licensed to end early because of an oil leak. Monacan thus raced over the weekend with the old powertrain specification, which is slightly weaker than the last, third version that Ferrari introduced in Monza.

Ferrari decided, after inspecting the powertrain, that Leclerc would race with a new engine in Brazil, and the change was already confirmed by team boss Mattias Binotto:

“Charles will get a new powertrain for the race in Brazil, as a review has shown that the Austin unit can no longer be used. Unfortunately, this will mean that Charles will start a little more from the background, however, we do not doubt the ability of our car, which will allow him to break into the forefront. After failing to realize our full potential in Austin, we want to go back to the top in Brazil. ”

According to the Italian version of Motorsport.com, Ferrari could be used to replace the powertrain to test new powertrain components that Vettel and Leclerc will race during the season 2020.

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