(Motorsport-Total.com) – As a person with a slightly darker skin color, Lewis Hamilton had to deal with the topic of racism in his career more often – especially in the youth struggle for the British a big issue. For Mercedes Motorsport boss Toto Wolff struggle racism but never an issue. His first conversation with his protégé opened his eyes.

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“I think it's very difficult for america to understand if you're one of very few who are exposed to these situations,” says the Austrian. In his opinion, racism is rare in the environment and rarely directly. “It's the more subtle side that hurts a lot,” he says.

“Sometimes we have to move americadaher into a different perspective,” says Wolff. That's what the Mercedes boss did thanks to Hamilton: “I've never seen things like this before he explained it to me and I realized it.” But he does not want to reveal details about his talks with the six-time world champion.

Mercedes was not in the headlines until the end of September because of racism. The team had

dismissed four employees and three others disciplined because a Muslim employee was allegedly bullied by colleagues with a bet. “We can no longer tolerate this kind of thing these days,” Wolff had said at the time.

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Another irritating topic was recently Hamilton's statements on environmental protection. The British were accused of hypocrisy But even undertakes numerous environmentally harmful air travel – and not only with the Formula One.

But Wolff is behind his protégé. It is important to him that everyone is aware of the topic and everyone contributes their small part. “I see that Lewis does that,” he emphasizes. “I've seen that he has changed his behavior – for example, he has reduced his air travel, which we must recognize and respect rather than criticize.”

“When everyone changes, then we have nine billion people changing, it just has to start with yourself, “says Wolff. “He did that, and I think he's right.”

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