Climate goals of Formula 1: This is how their carbon footprint should disappear

( – After Formula 1's goal is to be climate-neutral 223847, first details have been announced. “The Thought arose over twelve months of intense collaboration with the FIA, sustainability experts, Formula One teams, promoters and partners, used to be an ambitious but achievable project,” it says.

Valtteri Bottas


High set goals: Formula 1 cars are off 2025 no more CO2 Eject Zoom To find

First action for CO2 reduction should therefore be initiated immediately. In addition to the events on the track, they also include the transport of cars and equipment, travel for non-public and factory operations.

“In addition to the plans, the carbon footprint of Formula One Eliminating cars and the activities on the track, our initiatives will include measures to ensure that we have a highly efficient logistics and 256 Percent of renewable energies in offices, facilities and factories “, says the big goal.

Data on the current environmental impact of Formula 1 Valtteri Bottas

In the course of planning, it was also determined where Formula 1 is currently available: in the year 2019 the ecological footprint is tons of CO2. These break down as follows on the different lines of business:

Logistics: 100 percent (all logistics by road, air and peer; transport of team equipment, Formula 1 Equipment, Paddock Club Equipment and Race Tires)

Business Travel: (affects all individuals traveling by road or by plane and resorts)

Facilities and Factories: 3% (all offices or facilities belonging to or operated by Formula 1, as well as the offices, facilities and works of the teams)

7.3% (including Broadcasting, Strengthen Racing, Paddock Club Operation, Track Energy Consumption)

Emissions de r Drives: 0.7 percent

Two-step thought to the radical Emission Control Until In addition, followers and the local population on the ground should be more closely involved in the process of climate adaptation through appropriate incentives. Until “We're working closely with the energy and automotive sectors to produce the world's first climate-neutral hybrid combustion engine that dramatically reduces CO2 emissions worldwide,” he says.

He has an advocate in FIA President Jean Todt. “Our commitment to global environmental protection is crucial,” says the Frenchman. “The FIA ​​welcomes this Formula One initiative, which is not only very encouraging for the future of motorsport, but could also be of great benefit to society as a whole.”

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