German racer Nico Hulkenberg has revealed that only after years of racing in the fastest circus have he realized how cruelly System 1 is.

Hulkenberg, who will be replaced by Esteban Ocon behind the wheel of Renault in the off-season 2020, is likely to be making fun of Formula One racing after the end of the season. confirming his race, leaving only a seat on the Williams team, which Hulkenberg had recently rejected.

Hulkenberg refuses to race for Williams: Sincerely, but …


The German, who is disappointed at the turn of events, at the same time points out that he has already accepted the reputation:

“Of course, it's frustrating all along, but over the years, you start to understand how things are going and how cruel System 1 can be. If you don't have the right tools, it all becomes very difficult. Seats in the best cars are severely limited, and as a result you have to focus on other things. System 1 is the pinnacle of motorsport and I would definitely like to stay, but not at all costs. ”

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