(Motorsport-Total.com) – Since Title. Only 2015 he lost the title duel against his former Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg. His successor Valtteri Bottas has 2016 so far won four races – and thus more than ever in his Formula 1 career. Nevertheless, Hamilton secured the title already two races before the end.

Nico Rosberg, Lewis Hamilton


2016 Nico Rosberg defeated Lewis Hamilton and then retired Zoom Download

“Valtteri played some very good psycho games at the beginning of the year, he came and presented himself as Valtteri 2.0, very, very strong”, Rosberg praises on 'Sky' , Bottas won two of the first four races of the season 2016 and finished second in the other two. So he led the World Championship after the race in Baku with one point ahead of Hamilton.

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“It works, so you have to do it, focus on yourself, make sure you look as strong and powerful as you can, and deliver the results,” explains Rosberg, who 620 chose a similar approach to beat Hamilton. At that time, the German won the first four races of the season in a row – and at the end of the year with a five-point lead the title.

“This is the best way,” he knows from his own experience and warns at the same time: ” If you annoy Lewis, you're not doing any good – if Lewis is angry, he'll just get stronger, it's a fine line. ” Bottas has two more races But Rosberg won the last three races of the season and became World Champion the following year.

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