(Motorsport-Total.com) – Carlos Sainz is to crown the “Handiest-of-the-Leisure” driver of the season. The Spaniard is consistently in the front midfield. At sixth place he misses only four points to Red Bull driver Alexander Albon, but that would be an impossibility to catch up with the British.

Carlos Sainz

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Carlos Sainz has already finished sixth in the World Championship ranking Zoom Salvage

It makes no difference personally to Sainz whether he will become World Cup sixth or -siebter, he stressed on Thursday in Brazil. Of course, sixth place would be a good achievement, but it's still a great year. “

As it is with a driver From a top team, Sainz estimates his chances low. “I could only get him if he does not score points, but after that it does not look and if that does not happen then it will be impossible.”

Have been racing for a while this is a lost battle, Sainz has to admit. “We know how easy it is for Red Bull to finish in fourth or sixth, and regardless of whether they're involved in incidents in the first round, they always get you.”

Sainz wants to clarify the great distance to the top teams again. Yet McLaren has not made the connection. Nevertheless, the British Personnel “We had only two lows – at the start of the season and at the beginning of the second half of the season”, Sainz looks back

He could not score points for three races in a row. “However, these have not stopped us from developing the car or building our confidence.” In retrospect, however, he must also admit: “The battle, frankly, not an easy year.”

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Especially the six zero numbers were mentally difficult to handle. “But after that, we came back even stronger, and in hindsight, it's pretty easy to always be seventh or eighth, but the battle is a big challenge.”

From his Time at Toro Rosso and Renault he was able to learn valuable lessons and implement them this year. “That helped me to better deal with these difficult moments, and I was a lot more relaxed because I knew I was in no hurry to improve immediately.”

He used to constantly feels the pressure to deliver good results. However, McLaren was a medium-term project for him, so it was much easier. “It's easier to digest the difficult moments.”

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