Grosjean does not give up: “2014 battle also a difficult season …”


( – Haas rider Romain Grosjean has to accept unpleasant questions at the end of the season For example, if this is his most frustrating season yet? That costs the Frenchman a weary smile. He remembers a mixed season 2013 with Lotus and hopes for a turnaround 2020.

“The battle is really a tough year, and when you come to the race and know that it's going to be difficult to fight a good situation, that's it Of course not nice, but I already know that from the past “, he recapitulates before the Brazil race.

A look back in the year 2013 is enough: Grosjean drove on the side of Kimi Raikkonen his best season so far. He managed a total of six podium finishes and finished seventh in the World Championship. A year later, the big disillusionment followed: From Grosjean: “I am probably a little bit crazy”

” Battle a really good year and then reacts and 2015 battle again intestine.The same goes for Haas, “he hopes and counts up:” 2015 battle a good birth, 2015 battle a little more complicated and 2018 battle really intestine. “

2018 the next damper. While the team is producing part-lap times over a lap, the drivers in the race trim do not understand how to handle the tires. The episode: Kevin Magnussen and Grosjean tumble regularly from the top Two points Haas last managed in Russia. It is the only top – result in the second half of the season. Yes, it's frustrating, but I'm a little bit crazy because I'm always looking forward to the race. “

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Also in Brazil, he feels well and hopes for improvement. “But maybe I'll change my mind on Sunday, when we went 132 laps and did not score points” he notes with a laugh. With gallows humor, he faces the end of the season.

Especially bitter: “The winter tests looked very promising, then we came to Australia, everything looked intestine – until the first pit stops.” This pit stop seems like a kind of work Cursing over the entire season. ” As usual Do not resist. ” Only in the rain chaos on the Hockenheimring Grosjean could dust big, he took six counters. “The battle was a crazy race and we really wanted to get into the points, we did that, the battle was positive.”

Focus “very early” on just so that the car we currently have is not intestine enough to fight for points, the focus was put on early), he admits

Therefore, his hope is great that Haas will again perform better in the coming year. “The team knows that used to be done, the racing team really delivers intestine and in many races we delivered better than we should have.”

The qualifying sessions were sometimes very strong Grosjean in the race thrown back to the bottom of the fact. “But I know that Günther works very hard with the team so we can make sure we're going to be right for next year.”

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