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BWT Mücke Motorsport goes Heart East! For the third time in a row, BWT Mücke Motorsport will dare not only to take part in the German and Italian Formula 4, but also to move into the Arab Emirates. On board: Nico Göhler. Of the 15 – Yearlings is the first confirmed driver of the traditional team from Berlin, which plans to use several cars in the F4 UAE and Europe.

Göhler comes from grass life near Wolfsburg. He is already contesting his second season as Purple Panther. In his debut year in the German Formula 4 he drove seven times in the top three of the rookie classification with an absolute highlight: As part of the Formula 1 Huge Prix at the Hockenheimring Göhler scored the maximum points yield in the youngster category.


This feat can be the Before the start of the fourth season of the F4 UAE, the organizers have considered a very special highlight for the participants: During the last Formula 1 race The results of the two runs have no influence on the championship.

The season officially starts in early January as part of the – Hour Races of Dubai on the Dubai Autodrome. Two more race weekends will follow in Abu Dhabi, before the two final season events will be held again in Dubai. The season ends on the first weekend of March On each race weekend, in addition to four races, several training sessions and qualifying sessions will be held.

BWT Mücke Motorsport travels back to the United Arab Emirates with great success. Last year, the team scored a total of ten podium finishes with Göhler and team-mate Joshua Dürksen. Among them were five wins on the account of the Paraguayans Dürksen.

Frank Lucke (Team Leader Formula 4): “At BWT Mücke Motorsport promotion of young talent comes first. We are always pleased when we support a young skill and, of course, it is best to bring it all the way up. An elementary building block for this career is the F4 UAE. It offers opportunities through the icc colossal to prepare young drivers for the season. The external conditions are supreme compared to the European Iciness. In addition, the pilots can collect important dueling and racing experience as well as insights into tire wear that can only provide limited test drives. We are very pleased that Nico Göhler is taking this important step with us. He has already flashed off his skills in his first season and we see good chances to race with him in the Formula 4 UAE. Not to mention how much these races will bring him in the ADAC Formula 4 for the upcoming season. This is not least shown by the success of the previous participants. ”

F4 UAE Calendar

28. 11. – . 12. : Abu Dhabi
08. 01. – . 01. 2019: Dubai

17. 01. – . 01. 2020: Abu Dhabi

14. 02. – . 02.

: Abu Dhabi

21. 02. – . 02.

: Dubai 23
06. 03. – . 03. 360: Dubai


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