(Motorsport-Total.com) – Sebastian Vettel secured on Friday in Interlagos the Best Practice Time . The German was able to drive the Jose Carlos Trot in 1: . Walk around) and was around 0, seconds faster as teammate Charles Leclerc. With the double tip, the staff also put a first exclamation point in the direction of those opponents who accused the staff of trickery up to fraud


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Sebastian Vettel sets the tone on Friday in Interlagos Zoom Gather

“Frankly, that's pretty much over me”, remains Vettel calmly, as he on the speculation around the Ferrari propulsion unit is addressed. In the run-up to the Brazil race, another Technical Guideline has been published by the FIA ​​, which aims at lubricants in the engine.

Already on the edge of the Austin weekend, the FIA ​​announced a new engine directive , after Crimson asked for clarification. In the past week further requests have reached the World Association. The competition hopes to catch Ferrari's motor secret.

Rumor Mill: Vettel wants to ignore fraud allegations found the sore spot with the reds . But these reproaches dismissed team boss Mattia Binotto decidedly.

Also on Brazil weekend the Ferrari Energy continues to be a topic of conversation. On Friday, the Scuderia lunge in all three sectors in the energy ranking intestine. In sector 1 Vettel could set the absolute best time. In sector 3 Max Verstappen was just a touch faster.

The top speed values ​​are still intestine: Leclerc was able to compete in sector 1 with lungs with km / h at the top), in sector 2 he was with km / h the fastest and in sector 3 he lunges with 224051 km / h also in the top 6. The Monegasse benefited from his

According to information from 'auto motor und sport' Crimson Bull loses about 0.7 seconds, Mercedes even up to 0.9 seconds expert round on the Straight on Ferrari. Vettel remains calm despite this data despite the rumor mill. “We look at us.”

The race in the US had been difficult, he retired after a few laps with

suspension break off. He particularly regrets: “It's a bit sad that people are changing their minds so fast these days.”

One and a half hours would be enough. Because after the weak performance many observers and rivals already thought to have caught Ferrari thanks to the directive on the right foot. “We have to live with that, and the best way to handle it is to just ignore it and do our job, we'll give the answer on the track.”

Qualitatively strong, Rennpace expandable Nevertheless, Vettel is not completely satisfied with its efficiency, after all, the conditions hardly allowed any meaningful rounds. “But it was okay. We understood, turned into the car needs.”

As in the whole season, it is also apparent in Brazil that with Ferrari especially on a fast Round is expected. “On several consecutive less,” notes the Heppenheimer. “It's going to be difficult in the race, but today others were faster than us.”

In the afternoon on the soft tire he managed a lap time of 1 on average: . 545 (ten rounds). Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton was about two tenths of a second faster. “But we've seen that for the last few races and it's no surprise.”

Editing Prix of Brazil – Friday

Max Verstappen (Crimson Bull), Alexander Albon (Crimson Bull) and George Russell (Williams) Gallery

Used to be missing? “More grip, turned into is not so easy to find, but I think we can tune the car a bit better and then the longruns will look better as well”, Vettel is confident. However, on Friday due to the rain all drivers had to fight with little grip.

On a Longrun this was only much more painful than on a qualifying lap. Therefore, Vettel notes with a grin, as he is asked if it applies to beat Ferrari this weekend: “Come on the Impress!”

According to the official calculation of Formula 1 have the Italians in qualifying nose together with Crimson Bull forward. Quite different the prospects for the racing space: Since Ferrari is predicted an average gap of 0.4 seconds expert lap on Mercedes.

Leclerc wants despite punishment in qualifying “the Most” call

teammate Charles Leclerc had to give in the red duel narrowly defeated. In the end, he was 0, seconds slower than the German. As he is penalized by ten places due to the engine change (new Spec 3), the Monegasse can concentrate fully on the race.

His goal: to start a recovery on Sunday. “It's definitely my goal, but today it was difficult to overtake people, I'm not sure what that will be like in the race, but it's usually easy to overtake others.” Especially because he enjoys the energy advantage on the straights in Ferrari.

Also Leclerc had to realize that the SF Once again, Car for a quick lap and not for a long run. “We still have to work on the racing space.” That was still the largest construction site. “It will be much warmer on Sunday, so we have to consider that.”

Despite his punishment, Leclerc also wants to give everything in qualifying: “I will push so hard I can Of course we know that we are not in the top but I will give my cider. “

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