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Customary Poster29 parts · 5 hours within the past

TV photographs procure no longer procure justice as to how steep the long climb up the closing corner is. No wonder it’s miles a huge test of the sheer oomph of the engines with the excessive altitude procure thrown in.

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Kimi Räikkönen

2 parts · 4 hours within the past

I believed that excessive altitude doesn’t really private an model on turbo engines

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Pastor Maldonado

10 parts · 4 hours within the past

Motivate pushing, minute F1 automotive, that that you can well procure it!

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Is that this really how steep it’s miles or is the image tilted? Right here is nuts!

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Max Verstappen

2 parts · 4 hours within the past

Substantial level of view !

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Kenneth branagh will treasure this

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