Sebastian Vettel has admitted that his future in Formula One is off-season 2020 as he expires his contract with Ferrari is not quite certain, but the German nonetheless expects to be in the elite motorsport class in the off-season 2021.

After Charles Leclerc questioned Vettl's first Ferrari racer with great performances this season, many have speculated that a four-time world champion could go into racing late after the end of the year.

Asked by Sky Deutschland if he wants to stay in F1 even after the flight 2020, Vettel replied: “I do not know at this time because I have no contract for the year 2021, but I expect to continue after next year. “

Still, 32 – admitted that some things still bother him in Formula 1: “I'm not a big fan of modern Formula 1 because I think we should, abandon things like DRS. ”

“Formula 1 needs to be arranged so you don't have to rely on artificial tools,” Vettel claims, otherwise 53 – Formula 1 GP Formula One Race Winner.

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