(Motorsport-Total.com) – In the past the polo driver won the race only , 6 percent). The importance of the first starting position is therefore negligible. Not, however, when it comes to Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto. The Italian has Max Verstappen and Red Bull on the bill.

Charles Leclerc


Ferrari will struggle more in the long run than on a lap Zoom Get

“Usually is The polesetter is also the favorite and the most dangerous rider in the race, so we regard Verstappen as our main challenger in tomorrow's race, “said the Italian after qualifying. But he also knows that the silver competition is not sleeping behind it.

“We're all within a few tenths of a second, they'll all be very strong.” His probably only trump will be Sebastian Vettel on the second place, because Charles Leclerc due to a motor penalty only from place 14 will drive off. The Heppenheimer is record champion in Interlagos (three wins) among the active riders.

He won twice from the second grid in Brazil: 2010 and 2017. Only A good omen for his 620. Colossal Prix in red? Vettel will race on a second-hand Relaxed, while Leclerc put on the medium in Q2.

“At Vettel it was more important that we have a fresh medium tomorrow in the race is ultimately the most important thing, we wanted to keep all options open. ” A replacement strategy Ferrari “not in mind,” admits Binotto too.

The tire wear in Interlagos on the hardest mixtures (C1 to C3) was not a big topic on Saturday, but could on Sunday one Role-play. For the Groups, it should be noted that the track temperature could rise to above 36 degrees Celsius, would be much warmer than so far this weekend.

Colossal Prix of Brazil – Saturday

“The track has changed significantly compared to yesterday, but even today this morning the conditions have changed “The drivers felt better in qualifying than yesterday and the feeling will continue to develop tomorrow.”

Binotto is warned and suspects that it could be more difficult for Ferrari in the long run. “Overheating the tires could be an issue, but we'll only know that tomorrow.” The SF

“In the past races, we suffered from tire degradation,” says Binotto. That's why Ferrari focused on tire management on Friday. “We wanted to find the right balance, also with a lot of fuel on board, to prepare us optimally for races and qualifying.”

In the official Formula 1 Longrun analysis, the Scuderia shuffle back. 0.4 seconds behind each lap were calculated on Mercedes. The Silver Arrows are known for their gentle tire management. Nevertheless, Binotto still does not want to give up: “It is difficult to make predictions now.”

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