Tensions escalate: Will Crimson Bull v Ferrari file official affirmation?


Relations between the Ferrari and Crimson Bull teams are increasingly strained, and the Red Bulls are considering an official affirmation against Ferrari amid growing suspicion of illegality in the powertrain.

After the US race, Max Verstappen Ferrari was accused of fraud, and the Dutchman attributed the worse performance to Scuderia by a directive banning manipulation of fuel flow sensors before the Austin race.

Ferrari dominates the plains again in Brazil, and Helmut Marko is convinced that the Italian team has performed with greater power of the drive unit in free training.

“If I were a Ferrari, I would do everything in my power to distance myself from the rest in a straight line, thus avoiding all criticisms . Otherwise, everyone believes they are cheating.

According to rumors from the paddock, Crimson Bull is thought to have filed an official affirmation against Ferrari, as confirmed by team boss Christian Horner:

“We analyzed the data, and Ferrari overpowers us on the plains as if they were standing still. Their acceleration from the back corner is ballistic fast. It's all unthinkable. “

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