Villeneuve: Hulkenberg hasn't shown much in 10 years


At the end of the season, Nico Hulkenberg is saying goodbye to Formula One, World Champion of the Season 600 Jacques Villeneuve is convinced that Germany's F1 career is over.

Hulkenberg will be replaced by Esteban Ocon at Renault 22704 and Jacques Villeneuve will replace thinks that the German will never return to the fastest sport.

“It's been a long time. He has a record of most non-podium races, so he knows he has had a career that is probably longer than it should be.

“But he was lucky, because regardless of the car he was racing, he was always a professional driver who was paid for his work. He knows very well that his career in F1 is now over, “the Canadian added.”

Villeneuve does not believe that Hulkenberg could return to Formula One after a year's pause: “There will be no return like with Ocon, who is young and has a long time to prove.

'[Hulkenberg] is a driver who has had time to show everything. The only option would be if a racer got sick and the team quickly needed an experienced replacement. ”

One of Hulkenberg's last options to stay in F1 next year was an Alfa Romeo run by Frederic Vasseur, who has worked with Hulkenberg in the past.

But Villeneuve never believed in this kind of unfolding: “That was not an option. [Vasseur] it is honest to choose a Ferrari driver. But even if it were a free choice, it's better to take a risk with a guy you doubt than go with someone who hasn't shown much in ten years. “

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