After racing after the first test of Pirelli's F1 tires for the season 2020, they were very disappointed with the new mixes, it could be that Pirelli will abandon the development of new tires, and F1 teams will be racing with this year's models in the new season.

Racers were able to premiere the tires they would race on the season at Friday's free training sessions before the US GP in Austin 2020 and were almost unanimous in the initial responses: “New tires are extremely bad.”

Pirelli took advantage of the F1 rule in Austin to offer season tires to runners 2020 .

Lewis Hamilton, who had been complaining about the behavior of new tires during free training, said after the end of his first race day:

“It would be better for me to remain silent and not say anything.”

McLarn's Carlos Sainz was also critical:

“We put quite a few sensors on the tires to learn as many new things as possible, but the feeling was very bad.”

Haas team runner Romain Grosjean thinks Pirelli didn't do his homework.

“It feels like racing with this year's tires, it may be a little worse.”

Sebastian Vettel also agrees with the Frenchman:

“The tires are bad because no steps have been taken. It's probably too late now because they can't make new ones. “

Following the last race of this season in Abu Dhabi, teams are set to vote on the use of new Pirelli mixes, if the tires are vintage 2020 get the red light, but racers will continue to use this year's versions next season.

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