Just before the end of the race for the GP of Brazil, both Ferrari racers got involved in a duel that ended with the collision and resignation of both red cars. Charles Leclerc said after leaving the race that he had left enough space for his team mate, Sebastian Vettel also claimed.

At the end of the race, Leclerc first overtook Vettel, and Ferrari drivers collided on the fourth turn when Vettel wanted to regain his lost position.

Although it was immediately evident that Vettel began squeezing to the left as he overtook his teammate, we can see in a slow motion that Leclerc turned the right slightly before the collision.

Following the end of the race, both the Vettl and Leclerc were called in for questioning by the FIA, and the commissioners stated in their reasoning that both racers could avoid a collision and consequently neither of them was the sole culprit for the accident.

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– Plot 1 (@ F1) November , 2019

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