1 – Max VERSTAPPEN (Purple Bull Racing)

2 – Pierre GASLY (Toro Rosso)

3 – Lewis HAMILTON (Mercedes)


(Performed by Rubens Barrichello)

Q: What a expansive bustle Max. You regarded unbeatable this present day. Did it genuinely feel esteem, riding, that whenever you occur to had been on any tyres which you might maybe beget been unbeatable?

Max VERSTAPPEN: Successfully, Lewis used to be very immediate, so I needed to preserve pushing. The total time with the technique he pitted one lap earlier so we wanted to be genuinely on top of our pit stops. But yeah, two cases we had an even transfer with him, so your total time that introduced us abet into first and yeah, from there onwards I might maybe well well withhold watch over the bustle with the tyres I had. Impossible. It used to be a amount of fun available within the market and naturally expansive to interact the bustle.

Q: With the streak, each time you overtook the Ferrari onto the closing corner, did you factor in you had that bustle to overtake Lewis at the the same time?

MV: Successfully, I used to be within the abet of so I used to be pushing flat out on my our lap to resolve a peek at to be discontinuance to him and it used to be my most appealing shot. Thanks to that I used to be discontinuance into the DRS. We knew that we had expansive top bustle your total weekend already, so yeah, then quiet clearly it’s a bet nevertheless very contented to get previous.

Q: Successfully done to you and Honda, it’s a expansive fulfillment. Lewis and Pierre, how used to be this last transfer. Lewis, whenever you went to the inside, did you factor in that you had the gap to traipse, that you had the streak to get previous him on the straight?

Lewis HAMILTON: Honestly, I didn’t, nevertheless he did a expansive job, he used to be very beautiful with the place aside he positioned the auto. I vastly apologise to Albon. I went for a transfer… the gap used to be roughly there, nevertheless clearly it closed honest at the reside and entirely my fault. But quiet, a expansive bustle. Max did an generous job this present day. They beautiful outclassed us by near of total efficiency. We couldn’t withhold with them on the straights. Honestly, I raced my heart out,. I gave it every little thing. I left nothing on the desk and I took a amount of risks this present day, as you seen.

Q: As you steadily get. The Brazilians esteem you. Within the occasion you are here it’s steadily pure racing, so we seen pure racing this present day. [With] Max, get you factor in any technique would beget done the case with him this present day. He regarded unbeatable this present day?

LH: We threw every little thing and the sink at it. Honestly, we might maybe well well withhold with them within the corners nevertheless they had been outshining us on the straights, therefore I don’t disclose there used to be anything else we might maybe well well get.

Q: Successfully done. Hey, Pierre! After a posh season, is it beautiful to be abet on that podium, the rostrum that you deserve since a in point of fact prolonged time ago?

Pierre GASLY: It’s my first podium in Formula 1 and yeah for particular I obtained’t ever put out of your mind it. It’s this form of particular 2d, I don’t know what to mutter. It’s so emotional and likewise to get it with these guys, with Toro Rosso; they gave me an generous car since I came abet and I’m beautiful so contented for Honda, for Toro Rosso, it’s generous day.

Q: I understand it’s your first [F1] podium nevertheless I supposed that on story of you’ve been on the rostrum for see you later to your occupation that it’s beautiful to be on the rostrum in Formula 1 isn’t it?

PG: I’ve been over and over on the rostrum and you roughly put out of your mind it and that’s what I esteem about motor sport – these emotions, the fight. I beautiful saved believing till the reside. I seen they had been combating and I tried to push as grand as I might maybe well well and the replace came to us. A expansive enact with Lewis as well. I used to be esteem looking out to get low within the auto, looking out to get each and each Kp/h I might maybe well well, nevertheless no, to these guys beautiful a big congrats and a big thanks.

Q: Successfully done to you and to Honda. To preserve on to that closing straight, that corner alongside Lewis might maybe well well just quiet be…

PG: I used to be strained. I told me engine to provide me every little thing it had and I procure without the progress beget made it might maybe perchance perchance well well beget under no conditions been possible. I’m beautiful so contented; I don’t know what to mutter.


Q: Max, are you able to beautiful display cover to us what came about there. It used to be an trip-marvelous bustle from you. How get you sum it all up?

MV: Err, prolonged abstract! Lots of issues came about. I procure the originate up used to be beautiful ample. I used to be contented about that. Then, the first stint every little thing regarded moderately beautiful. In direction of the reside of that stint, yeah, beautiful the tyres started to position on off a piece of after which I had the traffic with the Williams automobiles and Lewis clearly pitted that lap. It used to be no longer very glorious. Genuinely, I did my pit conclude and I came out also Robert came out and he almost took me out, I went into the wall. I needed to brake there…

Q: Did you lose any time there?

MV: yeah, I almost caught the anti-stall, so yeah, it used to be very discontinuance. Then my out lap: luckily for me Lewis obtained caught within the heart sector with Charles, so I pushed as a lot as them and fortuitously I might maybe well well get by Charles into Flip 12 after which I quiet had the tow and the DRS of Lewis and yeah, I used to be on elephantine energy and DRS originate and I might maybe well well get Lewis into Flip 1. From there onwards in that stint we managed the tyres moderately well. I used to be staring at for Mercedes to react all all over again nevertheless luckily we had ample of a predicament to traipse one lap longer, so we did that. Factual pit conclude from the guys as well. I procure it used to be 1.9 seconds, so that used to be impossible. And then on the medium tyre Lewis used to be pushing tense and I procure we had been moderately carefully matched and I procure if there wouldn’t be a safety car it might maybe perchance perchance well well beget been an even fight against the reside of the bustle. But clearly then the safety car came out and I procure there the personnel did a terribly beautiful job calling me in all all over again for soft tyres. At the time I used to be a piece of esteem, ‘is there going to work, I’m no longer particular’. But at present within the re-originate up I had an even tow off Lewis and went across the outside. We had an even battle in Flip 1 and all all over again in Flip 4. And then you might maybe well well query that the tyre advantage genuinely helped me clearly and we would well well preserve in first and withhold watch over the bustle.

Q: How grand did you abilities your combating with Lewis this present day?

MV: Yeah, it used to be beautiful. Within the occasion you might maybe well well battle against the sector champion it’s steadily better than combating somebody for P10 or despite. I procure it used to be an even battle and we gave one any other ample room, barely ample nevertheless I procure it used to be frigid.

Q: Can you beautiful talk us through that closing re-originate up as well, on story of you obtained on the energy very gradual?

MV: Yeah, it used to be beautiful the near I desired to get it, so it worked out well. I at present had a predicament so it used to be beautiful.

Q: Is that one thing you be taught in karting?

MV: Yeah, I disclose so. You get many re-starts in traipse-karting. Many issues occur your total time. F3 as well, I disclose. In F1, you respect, we beget done so many, no longer even you being the fellow within the lead, nevertheless you are within the personnel. There are steadily issues you might maybe well well get better, issues you might maybe well well be taught.

Q: Pierre, first podium, beautiful give us your emotions.

PG: It’s beautiful the most traditional day of my existence. As a baby you dream about being in Formula One, after which when it occurs it turns into the most traditional day of your existence after which after you dream about your first podium. To be beautiful, I didn’t disclose this would occur, coming abet with Toro Rosso all over the 2d segment of the season. I beautiful saved working on myself, tried to push the personnel as grand as I might maybe well well, telling them, OK, we desire to fabricate the most traditional out of your total alternatives we beget till the reside of the yr. And this present day it beautiful came to us. We had a terribly precise bustle sooner than that in P7, within the abet of the pinnacle groups, after which, as soon as they started to battle. First the Ferrari, after which I used to be esteem: ‘OK, this looks moderately the same to Bahrain 2018, in P4’, after which after I knew Lewis would are trying one thing. And then yeah, we beautiful managed to get previous the 2 and yeah, moderately intense enact and beautiful impossible to get my first podium in Formula 1.

Q: What had been your expectations coming into the bustle?

PG: Initiating in P6, I felt beautiful within the auto your total weekend. I procure we managed to get the auto exactly the place aside I needed. I stated OK, if we enact most appealing of the relief all all over again within the bustle, this will possible well well be generous for us. So, that’s what we had been doing. The total bustle we had beautiful streak. I used to be controlling the gap with the guys within the abet of nevertheless we steadily had moderately a stable margin. I might maybe well well push moderately glorious. Even originally of the bustle I might maybe well well query that Albon and Charles weren’t pulling away so grand, so I procure the auto used to be working genuinely well. With your total safety automobiles it used to be esteem: ‘OK, let’s query what occurs,’ and beautiful tried to preserve there and get the most traditional out of what occurs.

Q: Can you beautiful characterize the query from up on the rostrum?

PG: It’s loopy. These guys are mature to it. You get mature to being on the rostrum within the decrease sequence, after which after coming into Formula One, it’s a sense you recede out. I used to be genuinely lacking it. My closing podium used to be in Formula 2 when I used to be champion in 2016. And then, it’s one thing you wish abilities, especially in Formula 1 and yeah, this present day, to be within the heart, in 2d space between Max and Lewis, my first podium in F1 is lovely… yeah, beautiful insane, and generous and genuinely emotional for me.

Q: Lewis, coming to you. Such an eventful bustle for you. Speaking about your streak particular to Max, is there anything else you beget done differently, strategically or otherwise, that you factor in might maybe well well beget ended in you being sooner than him this present day.

LH: No, I fabricate no longer disclose so. At the birth congratulations to Max and Pierre, it’s genuinely capable to query, especially during the abilities and scurry he’s long passed through from being in a single personnel then to the following. To near abet through is de facto capable. We had a discontinuance battle honest to against the reside. In a roundabout map, it used to be a in point of fact refined weekend for us, a terribly refined bustle, looking out to withhold with Max. The Purple Bulls beget had expansive bustle streak, particularly the 2d half of the season, which is commonly the case each and each yr. So, battling him, staying fixed, looking out to preserve on his tail during the bustle used to be… I used to be giving it absolutely every little thing. And then clearly we obtained him during the pitstop after which I obtained caught up within the abet of a Ferrari after which he beautiful blitzed previous me on the straight and there used to be nothing I might maybe well well get. Then we had any other scenario. But at the reside it used to be roughly… it used to be impossible at the reside with the tyre deficit that we had. I made the determination to pit, as they stated, I’d most appealing lose one space and it ended up being two. So, I gave it every little thing. I took a amount of possibility at the reside and I apologise to Alex. Obviously had no blueprint of coming collectively. It’s doubtlessly the first time I’ve near at the side of somebody for a prolonged, very prolonged time nevertheless I seen a door originate and I roughly went for it, and it closed very, very rapid. I went straight to him after the bustle to apologise. However, I procure it used to be a expansive bustle and it’s expansive all all over again to query the youth coming and riding so well. I’m combating as tense as I will be capable to to preserve within the aggregate.

Q: And Lewis, whenever you occur to had, for instance, save the Medium tyre on somewhat than a 2d space of Softs at that first pit conclude, get you give it some scheme might maybe well well beget been any assorted?

LH: I fabricate no longer know. I’d beget to disclose it. Approach-clever, I procure the personnel did a terribly, genuinely beautiful job with the technique and, all all over again, it wasn’t their determination at the reside, they equipped it as a possibility for me, and I didn’t disclose dropping one space, it might maybe perchance perchance well well be so heinous considering about I’d most appealing near out having lost one space and give me a gamble to rapid get previous Albon – nevertheless it wasn’t the case clearly. I procure, when I came out of that first conclude, I believed to myself I will deserve to beget been on the Medium on story of it in general used to be a rather easy overlap – nevertheless all all over again, he would beget beautiful overtaken me on his out-lap anyway, so I’d beget quiet obtained caught up by the Ferrari. And it doubtlessly would beget been tense to beget saved up with him with the streak of the Comfortable. We gave it every little thing, we threw every little thing we might maybe well well at it, and we reside to fight any other day and I hope we beget extra expansive races esteem that.


Q: (Frederic Ferret – L’Equipe) Attach a question to to Max. As you drove earlier the Toro Rosso and Pierre used to be your personnel-mate originally of the season, how did you rate this podium. And demand to Lewis and Pierre: how used to be the battle between the 2 of you?

MV: How I rate Pierre’s podium? Incredible. Of direction, he anyway already had a expansive bustle. I procure you had been most appealing of the relief, honest? That’s already an even consequence after which yeah, you beautiful preserve out of anxiety and folks, clearly, fabricate errors and you take advantage of that. I procure it’s expansive to query Pierre up here. Now it’s also the 2d podium for Toro Rosso already this yr, so I procure they are very contented with this, and yeah, esteem I stated, I’m very contented to query Pierre up on the rostrum. I steadily knew he used to be a in point of fact immediate driver. I procure this yr within the origin perchance didn’t determine the near it might maybe perchance perchance well well just quiet nevertheless, as you might maybe well well query, I procure Pierre is extraordinarily precise and, at Toro Rosso all all over again, he regrouped and he had already sooner than this bustle a amount of beautiful results. So, here is even, I procure, a higher motivation.

Q: Pierre, your battle with Lewis.

PG: Intense. You query your first podium coming collectively after which you’ve obtained the World Champion within the abet of you pushing you to the restrict. I tried to defend the most traditional near I might maybe well well, and popping out of the closing corner, beautiful flat out and hoping that the engine can provide you each and each single horsepower it will get. I used to be urgent the overtake button, looking out to get low within the cockpit and I might maybe well well query his entrance fly and I used to be esteem: ‘please don’t traipse me on the sunshine’ ‘cos I’m going to be so pissed off if it occurs. I genuinely desired to preserve that 2d space. And yeah, I must mutter Honda beget been bettering so grand over the outdated couple of months. And then yeah, without this progress it might maybe perchance perchance well well under no conditions beget been possible to preserve that 2d space to a Mercedes. Correct insane. I procure the most traditional thing we beget to mutter is a big congrats and a big thank you to Honda this present day.

Q: And Lewis?

LH: I used to be very grand the the same. I used to be ‘snucking’ down, making an try… he did an generous job. He save the auto within the honest space in each and each fragment of the be aware, used to be very beautiful and didn’t fabricate any errors. So, hat off to him. He did an generous job. The Honda’s clearly made some gigantic steps and it’s expansive to query any other manufacturer as precise as they are now. It implies that expectantly next yr we’re going to beget a severe three-near, four-near battle and that’s expansive for Formula 1.

How used to be your car facing after the contact with Alex Albon?

LH: I’ve had worse! It used to be OK. I didn’t genuinely appear to lose anything else. I under no conditions desire to query anguish on my car, I under no conditions esteem colliding with other drivers and so, naturally for a teen esteem Alex, who’s been riding fantastically well, it’s tense to be a personnel-mate for particular, of a well-skilled driver esteem Max nevertheless he’s been doing expansive and I will be capable to guarantee you I do know exactly how he feels honest now. And I will be capable to guarantee you, it’s no longer intentional, that’s why I went to apologise to him – and I’m particular I’ll query him shortly after this.

Q: (Scott Mitchell – Autosport) To Lewis and Max, I don’t know whenever you occur to’ve considered the incident between Charles and Seb nevertheless the 2 Ferraris colliding used to be clearly any other gigantic story from the bustle. You two beget both obtained abilities of what it’s esteem whenever you’ve obtained an intense fight with your personnel-mate nevertheless one which is in general respectful – nevertheless in most cases goes over the line. With what’s occurring with Seb and Charles this yr, beget you ever considered that as a weakness within that personnel and are you bowled over that it has in the end close to blows esteem it has this present day?

MV: I procure it’s steadily refined to commentary on that whenever you’re no longer within the personnel. You don’t know what came about on story of you don’t know your total runt print. I procure it’s very refined to commentary on that. I also haven’t considered the pictures so I will be capable to’t commentary on the incident itself.

Q: Lewis?

LH: I’ve no longer considered it. Naturally it’s under no conditions a expansive one between personnel-mates. I’ve skilled it first hand. It’s under no conditions a expansive thing for a personnel. I’m particular it wasn’t’ intentional nevertheless naturally you’ve obtained to… the burden is that there’s so many people within the abet of you, it’s no longer beautiful about you. When all those persons are counting on you to get your job, and one thing esteem that occurs. It’s no longer a expansive feeling. As I stated, I haven’t considered it.

Q: (Gianfranco Papini – MomentoGP) Lewis, you’re surrounded by promising drivers, two younger stars. You had been younger 12 years ago…

LH: Hey man, I’m quiet younger.

Q: (Gianfranco Papini – MomentoGP) You had intense battles with other fellow colleagues esteem them. What’s your scheme about this silent generation of F1 drivers?

LH: Successfully, naturally whenever you grow old you peek down on the younger drivers and you factor in… you level the finger at the… no, I’m kidding. No, it’s inevitable that the youth are going to near abet through. There’s steadily a wave of younger abilities that manages to fabricate its near through to Formula One and as I stated, I procure Formula One’s obtained a amount of silent younger blood with a amount of capability and they also genuinely are the manner forward for the sport. And as I stated, I procure fortunately I genuinely feel that whilst the amount reveals a piece of bit elevated, I genuinely feel esteem I’m in a station to quiet kick it with these guys and so I’m excited for the future racing with these guys and as I’ve stated, if we are in a position to get these groups to be nearer then we’re going to query extra capable battles esteem this present day and I procure that will possible be expansive.

Q: (Lars Van Soest – De Telegraaf) Max, how would you rate this weekend comparing it to your total other wins and other beautiful weekends?

MV: That you just might maybe under no conditions evaluate weekends nevertheless it’s been very sure and I’m beautiful very contented with the progress we beget been making I procure within the outdated couple of races. Correct having a full beautiful weekend I procure is what we are steadily after and I procure that’s what came about this weekend. Of direction it’s expansive at the reside of day to also interact the bustle and yeah, it’s promising also for next yr. I procure we’ve learned a amount of stuff within the outdated couple of races so expectantly it’s an even sign to beget save a originate as a lot as next yr.

Q: (Marcelo Teixeira – Reuters) Lewis, how get you query your transfer on Albon gradual within the bustle? Did you give it some scheme used to be no longer the honest time to resolve a peek at it or beautiful a racing incident?

LH: It’s steadily a big demand, when is the honest time to resolve a peek at it. We most appealing had a lap and a half, I procure it used to be, to traipse. A possibility came, I used to be sooner through turn 9 and I used to be within taking pictures distance so I gave it a shot. In a roundabout map, in my mind, I’m looking out to purchase Max… it used to be highly unlikely nevertheless that used to be the just. I procure I’ve obtained a penalty so I totally procure the blame as I used to be coming from within the abet of, and as I stated sooner than, it’s no longer naturally an blueprint, you don’t hardly ever ever query me get that, collisions with somebody so… In hindsight, I might maybe well well beget waited, to bump into the line nevertheless hindsight’s steadily a expansive thing. I’ll reside to fight any other day. That obtained’t be the closing time that he’s within the distance for a podium and he’ll beget many extra expansive races so I hope that as tense as it’s a pill to swallow, I hope that he can be taught from the abilities also.

Q: (Velimer Veljko Jukik – Avtofocus) Max, we beget considered moderately an advantage on this bustle, beside your riding skill. Can you attribute this to administration of tyres, tactics or used to be it beautiful pure energy?

MV: It’s a personnel effort this present day, I procure. The auto used to be working well, I used to be looking out to be as fixed as I might maybe well well be and the guys did a expansive job within the pit stops and technique so I procure all that collectively gave us the victory this present day. Energy used to be very beautiful, esteem I stated it used to be a personnel effort and Honda is segment of the personnel.

Q: Lewis, can we please beautiful get your response to the 5 2d-penalty?

LH: I beautiful answered it. I fully procure the duty. I fully procure I used to be coming from within the abet of so I’m the actual person that touched him, no longer the replace direction spherical. I’ve no longer considered the incident so I don’t know the map heinous it used to be nevertheless as I stated, it regarded esteem there used to be a possibility so I went for it and it didn’t moderately determine and I apologise to Alex and save my hand up and transfer forwards.

Q: (Dario Coronel – Granpremioweb.com) For Max and Pierre;  it’s the first one-two for the Honda engine in 28 years. How get you genuinely feel?

MV: Yeah, I steadily get reminded with the stats. The pole used to be the closing time in 1991 here in Brazil after which… I procure it’s an even time to originate up doing these objects all all over again. We withhold counting on the outcomes from the nineties. I procure Honda is basically on a in point of fact beautiful near esteem Pierre stated sooner than. All the map during the season they beget got been bettering vastly so beautiful very contented with it.

PG: Yeah, a the same commentary. I procure your total work, no longer most appealing this season nevertheless since they came abet into Formula One, they beget got had some refined cases and they also beautiful saved developing, saved working tense and bringing the upgrades, some issues worked, another issues didn’t work nevertheless at the reside of the day, they are those that beget improved the most. The perspective and the work they are striking in is lovely impossible and they also beget got been supporting me since moderately just a few years now, since I used to be in Tremendous Formula and to be segment of the scurry with them is lovely impossible so this present day I procure I’m genuinely contented to be P1 and P2 with Max and genuinely contented we are in a position to give them this consequence.

Q: (Frederic Ferret – L’Equipe) Pierre, when did you originate as a lot as originate up considering you might maybe well well be on the rostrum? Sooner than the Ferrari accident, sooner than the Albon?

PG: No, no, I’m no longer a loopy guy you respect. I’m just. At that time I used to be esteem… after Valtteri (retired) we had been P6, I knew that we had the streak to preserve there so I used to be esteem OK, I’m going to query if I might maybe well well are trying one thing at the re-originate up nevertheless by near of streak I knew that that’s the place aside we had been at the time and naturally the Ferraris came collectively so we had been in P4. I believed OK, I’d need a gamble to resolve a peek at one thing all all over again at the re-originate up. Genuinely Lewis, I procure… yeah, you pitted so I procure I used to be third. I must mutter for the time being I hoped the safety car might maybe well well closing a piece of longer, I used to be esteem I’d no longer mind if we unhealthy the line within the abet of the safety car. And then after we went all all over again and naturally I knew Lewis with brisker tyres would are trying to traipse for the interact and would are trying to traipse rapid so I beautiful scheme OK, if I are trying to preserve discontinuance, if a possibility comes I’ll resolve it. In most cases issues determine the near you desire and you might maybe well just quiet be… so yeah, we had been 2d and yeah, all over that closing lap, I seen Lewis used to be within the abet of whereas we had a predicament within the abet of so I knew there used to be a podium on the cards. I used to be contented with that nevertheless I genuinely desired to preserve on to that 2d space.


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