Mercedes technical director James Allison admitted that they made the mistake of making a mistake at Lewis Hamilton's last security car at an additional stop.

Following the collision of both Ferraris, the safety car was again taken on the track, with Mercedes being called for another stop by Hamilton, which meant that the Brit had fallen into fourth place, with only two laps to hit.

After trying to get out of the safety car, Hamilton tried the impossible, and after a collision with Alexander Albon, he earned a penalty, which put him in the final seventh place.

James Allison acknowledged that the additional stop was a mistake.

The extra stop was stupidity and we admit that we made a mistake. According to our calculations, right Lewis would return for Albon, but Gasly was ahead of him. We took the risk because we thought Lewis would immediately pass Albon with the new tires and then try to catch Verstappna as well.

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