There is a new fantastic race behind us that has left no one indifferent. We have seen the struggle to win, overtake, collide, safety cars, drama, chaos and even without a drop of rain. We often meet anyone who tells us they are not watching Formula One because it is boring. Everyone who follows F1 knows that this is not the case.

The Brazilian heartthrob eventually deservedly belonged to Max Verstappen. The Dutchman was the fastest this time, and Max was not confused by either Kubica, Hamilton or safety cars. Verstappen was in control and nothing could discontinue him alive.

Pierre Gasly certainly deserves great praise for his racing. From the very start of the race weekend, the Frenchman held the position of “simplest of relaxation” at Interlagos, taking advantage of the opportunity offered in the race, winning a remarkable second place and completing the Honda triumph in Brazil.

Carlos Sainz, who won his first podium in his career after being chaotic in recent rounds, was third, and Mclaren returned to the podium after five years. The Spaniard's achievement is admirable especially because he started the race from the last starting place.

Alfa Romeo, a fourth and fifth place finisher, failed after the summer break with nothing but a bloody need. Raikkonen eventually tried to attack Sainz, but Finc's third-place discontinue ran out a few yards.

Both the Ferrari racers took care of the drama just before the end of the race, who collided with each other in the fight for fourth place and remained empty-handed. Vettel and Leclerc donated third place in the Championship to Verstappen, which is not so important in the end. Mattia Binotto will be beautiful before ordering Maranell next season and mastering her racers if she wants to take Ferrari to battle for the title. Failure to do so will not help Ferrari even the extra 50 horsepower.

The race in Brazil has proven that claims of the boring Formula One are merely flat-rate estimates from some who do not even follow the sport. This season has brought some fantastic races, and if the criticisms of boring races were justified in the past, they are definitely no longer. Whoever says yesterday's race was uninteresting really doesn't know what to say…

Matej Plesey

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