Formula One Technical Director Ross Brawn is convinced that one of Ferrari's racers should take the blame for colliding with the Brazilian GP.

Brawn did not want to blame either Sebastian Vettl or Charles Leclerc for the incident, but he is convinced that the Maranell team racer should take Lewis as an example. Hamilton , who took the blame for his confrontation with Alexander Albon after the race.

“I don't want to think about who was to blame, ”said Brawn after the race. “But in the end, it might be a good idea for one of them to follow the example of Hamilton and immediately plead guilty, as the champion did after the collision with Albon.”

The former Ferrari strategy manager warns his former team that they will have to take certain actions in the near future:

“It's never nice when a teammate eliminates one another, all the more so , when there is no specific result in the game, such as the third place in Brazil. After the tensions in the races after the summer break, everything seemed to calm down, but Binotto is now facing a difficult task, since it has to calm things down quickly. If Ferrari really wants to break Mercedes' dominance, it must ensure that such events do not happen again. “

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