(Motorsport-Total.com) – In Round 18 on Sunday in Brazil caused Valtteri Bottas the first of two safety-automobile-phases . However, the Finn himself was guilty of innocence, because after there was a defect in his Mercedes, he actually parked his car in the right place on the track. “Valtteri did a fantastic job stopping the car,” says race director Michael Masi

Valtteri Bottas


Valtteri Bottas had to leave his car with a defect Zoom Download

Bottas set his W , “That's why [zunähst] we chose double yellow,” Masi explains. The Pains: Although the car was properly placed battle, the marshals did not get it off. “They tried to push the car away, but he got stuck on a bump.”

“So we had to use the crane to get it,” he explains. This makes battle clear that there must be a Safety Automobile allotment. “As soon as a crane is used, it's an instant safety car for me,” Masi says, adding, “I think there were three or four marshals who wanted to push it, but nothing happened.” Therefore, the unloved crane had to be used.

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The Safety-Automobile-Allotment then retired extremely long, only in round The race was released again. There were several reasons for this. First of all, it is already difficult for pilot Bernd Mayländer to collect the leader at the beginning of the Safety Automobile Allotment. “That just took a bit longer because of the pickle of the cars,” explains Masi.

When the Safety Automobile allotment was proclaimed, the leaders were still relatively at the beginning of their turn , Lewis Hamilton therefore had to make a complete lap before he actually arrived behind the safety car. It then struggles to sort the field for re-commence. “I think initially only the first five cars were in one lap,” Masi recalls

“The top focus is on eliminating the incident. Rounding back the cars battle then secondary, “he explains. Although the Bottas car was already battlebound, it took some time to sort out the field for the re-commence. After the Ferrari crash in the round Since the release of the race was then much faster.

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