Red Bull has rewarded her chief racing strategist Hanna Schmitz with her courageous decision to make Max Verstappen an extra stop by taking the podium

Team leader Christian Horner said Verstappen “trusted and accepted” the team’s call to box in the back of a security car, even though it meant handing over management Lewis Hamilton .

“It’s like a chess game at the moment,” Horner said. “It depends a lot on the track itself and you have to be sure that overtaking can be done. Max had already passed Hamilton before and we thought he could manage again.

The decision was made by Red Bull’s head of strategy Hannah Schmitz, who was rewarded for taking the podium for her courageous moves.

“Hannah has been in our strategy department for many years,” Horner said. “Last year, she took maternity leave, and this year she is working as a strategy manager. Her dedication is incredible as she drives four hours to work every day. This time, she made the decision and I think it was right for her to take the stage with Max. She is a very important member of our team. “

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