How the hell did “Ford in Ferrari” become the “Challenger”?


The highly anticipated Ford motorsport spectacle at Ferrari has come to our cinemas called “The Challenger.” What? Why? The epic drama about the American automotive dream that went on 1966 over the years with the Ferrari came to us with a name that didn't even the least similar to the original, which means that Ford has joined a long list of bizarre Slovenian translations in Ferrari.

Why wouldn't a Slovenian translation just be Ford vs. Ferrari? Another option would be to use a secondary Le Mans title 66, but the best thing would be to just leave the matter alone and keep the movie Ford In a Ferrari. One wonders who the hell is after? A good translator obviously doesn't.

The most common and well-established practice is for the title to be determined by the film distributor. Does he ever consult with any translator? Titles such as “Drake Together” (in the original Blades of Glory ”), that could peacefully carry the title of the skate together or the blades fame, they point more to the fact that they only use a dictionary when translating. According to them, the title of the movie should sound as good as possible to attract viewers to the cinema. How will the title of “Challenger” attract people interested in the topic if they have omitted such important information as Ford, Ferrari and Le Mans in the title?

The people behind the distribution obviously feel more creative and professional than translators. They are also more familiar with the film than its creators and can therefore be given a more appropriate title, and Ford V Ferrari becomes the “Challenger”. Bravo!

Matej Plesey

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