Alexander Wurz “no fan” of the FIA ​​penalty against Daniel Ricciardo


( – Alexander Wurz finds that the FIA ​​race commissioner's decision to punish Daniel Ricciardo for colliding with Kevin Magnussen at the Mountainous Prix of Brazil was too harsh. To be sure, this is fundamentally correct according to strict rule interpretation. But he himself would not have been punished had he been authorized to make decisions.

Daniel Ricciardo, Kevin Magnussen


This collision was more bitter for Kevin Magnussen than for Daniel Ricciardo Zoom Download

“For me no punishment, I'm not the fan of this decision, especially when it says 'Allow them to flee', “commented Wurz the Divulge are residing in the 'ORF'. The chairman of the drivers' union GPDA sees the fault though “40: at Ricciardo. However, to pronounce it exactly five penalty seconds and two penalty points, in his opinion, was too hard.

Magnussen saw that in a different way at first: “Idiot”, he was annoyed at the pit radio. After the race, he saw the collision with more ease: “He has misjudged a bit and he is sorry, so that's for me done.”

FIA race director Michael Masi strengthens the four commissars Meanwhile, the back. It was a “very simple” decision: “Ricciardo was stabbed and burned.” Which understeered him in the neuralgischen curve 4 and it came to a light touch with the Haas. “Predominantly at fault” means “technical jargon.”

For a moment, it looked a bit like the collision was going on Magnussen's cap. But with the first replays, Martin Brundle judged the divulge differently: “I think he left enough room for him, is it an avoidable collision, it was not Magnussen's mistake,” said the Sky expert. )

Ricciardo does not even try to cleanse himself: “I have to look at a repeat first, but in principle I met him and he then turned around, I knew immediately: If you're the car inside and the outside turns, then you can expect a punishment, no matter if it was tight or not. “

” Of course, I tried not to hit him, as far as I can remember, I came in on the curb to give him as much space as possible, and as I drove down from the curb, I slid into it for a moment, thinking, 'Please do not turn!' Because that's not nice for him – and it does not look good for me, “Ricciardo regrets.

The Renault driver damaged his front wing during the action, but then drove his own statements after” posthaste perfect “race and 224284 was still sixth . Magnussen fell a long way back through the ride into the emergency exit and did not matter anymore. The Haas driver missed in eleventh place a championship point by 0.8 seconds.

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