To Brazil: Formula 1 thinks about new re-starts


( – It's unusual to see how long Max Verstappen, as the leader, has struck the field at the second re-originate in Brazil at an extremely slow pace. Changed into trying to achieve this, it is clear: “He made sure that nobody from the slipstream can still take victory from him,” said Formula 1 Sports Director Ross Brawn.

Max Verstappen, Alexander Albon, Pierre Gasly, Lewis Hamilton



Max Verstappen has created the second re-originate in Brazil very wisely Zoom Download

At the first re-originate in Sao Paulo, Lewis Hamilton, who was leading at the time, had accelerated earlier, changing into causing him was overtaken by Verstappen at the end of the originate and final straight. Had he Verstappen not previously spent so long slipstreams, the maneuver would probably not have been possible.

That Verstappen then the second Re-Originate until crossing the finish line (only from there may be overhauled) so extreme slow drove, battle but not only realizing from his point of view – but also caused irritation in many a colleague and extremely exciting fights in the field behind it.

“It battle an exciting and fascinating re-Originate, the we'll analyze carefully, “says Brawn. “Because the tightness of the field in the seconds before the green flag led to an exciting spectacle, as the drivers positioned themselves, even the slightest advantage could be decisive.”

Something, changed into as initial ignition could certainly be taken up for the future regulations: “For the next regular period we united united states the possibility to favor such situations by a changed procedure, surely examine exactly”, announce the Formel-1-Sportchef.

Changed into that could mean exactly, leaves Brawn open. For example, re-starts in Indy formation could be conceivable, ie with two cars next to each other and a tightly staggered field. Or a well-defined re-originate zone that prevents the leader from picking up the pace too early.

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