Got somewhat angry unless I seen the observe cell. I do know EA’s monetization schemes are beautiful toxic to enlighten the least nonetheless fuck me a developer more succesful than Codemasters needs to originate making the F1 games in its set up.

They’ve never been factual taking a peep games, they are on their tenth sport and indifferent can’t incorporate a anti-aliasing solution that in actuality works, their level of part/device distance has always been horrific despite whether you dangle got scheme the game to Ultra/Excessive, they indifferent can’t win tracks dry in a life like unhurried manner and incorporate appropriate moist racing lines and a truly indispensable part of the game, the physics? Fully ass and dangle barely changed/improved for the reason that old era games from ’10-’13. The appropriate famous alternate to their physics model became as soon as from after they had to win changes to the auto fashions for the ’14 law alternate. The game has beautiful indispensable been a reskin yearly since 2014 with a half of arsed profession and ‘R&D’ mode shoveled in a few years previously.

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