Ecclestone: Ferrari would want Verstappen more than Hamilton


Formula One longtime leader Bernie Ecclestone is convinced that with Ferrari more than six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, he would like to see the younger Max Verstappen in his ranks.

While there have been many hints lately that Hamilton might end his long and rich career behind the wheel of a Ferrari, Ecclestone is not entirely convinced that a British move to Maranella would be a good move for him.

“Ferrari is a specific environment, while Lewis does not even understand Italian. Leclerc is Ferrari's future and it could happen to Lewis that he would completely burn out in Maranell. I myself think that Ferrari would have preferred to have Verstappen, who is younger and has many more racing years ahead of Vettel's replacement. Sebastian and Lewis have been around for a few years and Verstappen would be the right choice for Ferrari for the future. ”

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