Elkan about the collision between Vettle and Leclerc: I'm very angry


Following the collision of Sebastian Vettl and Charles Leclerc in the race for the GP of Brazil, Ferrari President John Elkann himself came forward, warning the racers that they should be aware that they are racing for the team in the first place.

Team boss Mattia Binotto, who described the Brazilian clash between Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc as a “stupid move”, said the Maranell team would set clear rules for its drivers before next season and would no longer tolerate such incidents. .

Binott also agrees with Ferrari President John Elkann, who commented on the incident for ANSA:

“I'm very angry. What happened in Brazil is a nice testament to how important Ferrari is. Drivers, no matter how good they are, should be aware that they are racing for Ferrari, where the interests of the team come first. ”

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