Formel-1-Boxenstopp in der Schwerelosigkeit: Klick dich jetzt durch die spektakulärsten Fotos!

Formula 1 pit stop in weightlessness: Click through the most spectacular photos!

(Motorsport-Total.com) – Red Bull has plenty of stuff to market after Brazil's Mammoth Prix – and not just because of the one-two win by Max Verstappen and Toro Rosso rider Pierre Gasly. By the way, the Austrian-British crew has set a new world record in Sao Paulo – and also one who is virtually out of this world …

Because the show crew of Red Bull rose in the truest sense of the word in new spheres recently, when a pit stop in weightlessness was completed! Although the McLaren crew has already completed such a “Zero-G” parable flight with David Coulthard but the former McLaren title sponsor West “did not practice” a pit stop.

The The parabolic flight itself then took place in an Ilyushin Il – to train for the state of weightlessness

And this is how it works: The machine initially rises to a height of around 10. 000 meters and then goes over into a dive. Then it rises again at the During each of weightlessness.

Crew excited about crazy action

“I thought my head explodes, “observes Observe Willis, coordinator of the show team. “It took two or three parabolas to make it happen as soon as it happened.” At first I could not think clearly, my brain just could not handle the “as soon as it happened.” Surely it was the craziest thing to become as soon as we have done – but also the best, because there is nothing comparable. “

! The spectacular pictures are available here! 1-Movies

Red Bull's show team has already done some crazy stunts. For example, a few years ago Max Verstappen drove the legendary ski slope in Kitzbühel uphill. Another showrun took place on a salt lake in Argentina. Not to mention the crazy number when David Coulthard filmed Burnouts on a Miami skyscraper.

“You realize how much you depend on gravity when it's gone “laughs Joe Robinson, one of the mechanics of the show team. “It's a real challenge to change thinking, brilliant! I could have stayed up there for a month and done it again and again, which is certainly the coolest demo we've ever done!”

Only seven seconds to secure the team

The challenge for the crew was immense. During . Because it is not a nice feeling when the weightlessness suddenly ends and a Formula 1 car pops on a …

The time that the Red Bull boys for the “unearthly” tire change used, is not known. By contrast, those of their Earthly counterparts in the Mammoth Prix of Brazil already have: Only 1, Paulo – new world record! Before that, it was located at 1, 76 seconds ago , also held by Red Bull (Hockenheim 2019).

On a video of the pit stop, which has released the Formula 1 in the Files superhighway, you can see the amazing choreography of the 21 Watch employees in slow motion. Impressive: The impact wrenches are not even pulled off when the car is lowered again – and the wheels turn immediately in the moment when they touch the ground!


1, , as it used to be in Formula 1, impossible. Today, the pit stop technology works like this: As soon as the screws are tight, a signal is sent to the jacks (even if the impact wrench is still attached), which automatically lower the car. When the car is on the ground, the next signal goes to the traffic light and shows green.

A machine that teams like Red Bull and Williams have perfected in recent years. However, the human factor is not completely outside. First, the driver must, so that the sequence sits perfectly, meet his stance exactly. And should once there has gone wrong, there is always at least one observer at hand, who can manually cancel the drive release.

This is not only important if, for example, an impact wrench is still jammed when the screws are already tightened. But it can also play a role in a so-called “unsafe unlock”. That did not happen at Red Bull in Brazil. Verstappen but was a victim of it when he was overlooked by the Williams crew and Robert Kubica …

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