Review: Ford in Ferrari – “Le Mans '66” (Challenger)


Six years since Ron Howard staged the fight of Niki Laude and James Hunt in the masterpiece “Crawl”, Hollywood has summarized another piece of motorsport history.

James Mangold, most notably famous for directing comic book megahit, is back 10 years before Howard's 'Rush, at Le Mans' 11. Outside Europe, where sponsorship restrictions are less stringent, the movie is called Ford in Ferrari, in most European countries they have taken the secondary title “Le Mans ” “, while our movie is called ” The Challenger “

Movie tells the story of the fight between Ferrari, which is 1962 the third won the legendary race and Ford for the year in a row. The unsuccessful attempt by the American giant to buy Enzo Ferrari's financially failed operation leads to a stamp of some of the movie's funniest scenes, despite not starring Matt Damon and Christian Bale in the lead.

Ford v Ferrari

Ferrari's mockery of his rival's seal across the Atlantic makes Ford angry; he vows to beat Ferrari in La Sarthe and lights the green light on the Le Mans program, run by Carroll Shelby (Damon). A rivalry ensued, Ford v. Ferrari.

Ford is repeatedly confronted with Shelby's operation and vision for the GT 40 turns into a Le Mans winner, and in most cases, conflicts are expressed through dissatisfaction with the stamp of Shelby's chosen racer, development ace Ken Miles (Bale).

It is precisely the chemistry between the main actors that is the main strength of this film, which can be forgiven for certain historical inaccuracies. Car lovers should nevertheless find plenty to enjoy, while it is clear that Mangold movie also wants to reach a wider audience, which, after all, fills most of the box office.

The film can be blamed for the fact that it is (excessively) focused on American audiences. In this case, he regards Americans as “underdogs,” even though he is the richest country in the world. One of the subtle touches of the film is the creation of a huge gap between the capitalist summit and our working class heroes. Mangold wants to make it clear that the Ford family is fighting for its holy self and not for its country and its global interests.

The cinematography is great, as is the staging of the racing action, and the movie is definitely worth watching. Perhaps more appropriate to the movie than Ford in Ferrari is the title Ford in Ford, since it focuses solely on where Ford did right and not where Ferrari did “wrong”

Matej Plesey

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