Prior to the season finale, the FIA ​​issued a third technical directive regarding the flow of fuel, requiring pre-season teams 2020 to use an additional sensor.

The latest directive, the third in four weeks, follows the one issued before the race in Brazil, pointing to the suspicion that engine manufacturers could burn fluids from a cooling system, an air reservoir or an EDF, thereby increasing capacity drive units, which is against the rules.

The new directive was issued by the FIA ​​shortly after it seized the Ferrari fuel system after the São Paulo race, specifying that a second fuel flow sensor, which will be controlled exclusively by the FIA, must be installed from next season.

“Currently, all F1 cars in the fuel tank have a single sensor to ensure that the maximum fuel flow rate is limited to 100 kg / h. According to the rule, any device, system or process that has the purpose and / or effect of increasing the flow or storing and recycling of fuel is contrary to the applicable rules. “

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