Romain Grosjean believes that he has all the qualities to become a world champion with a competitive racer, but at the same time admits that he needs to better manage his emotions if he wants to race for the best teams.

The Frenchman, who will continue to race for Haas next season, has not given up on his place in the top teams yet. Grosjean does not hide that he wants Kimmy's seat at Ferrari the most:

“My racing, fitness, and teamwork are at a very high level. I'm ready to fight for a title in a competitive team. “

In the recent period, however, Romain stood out more than ridiculously by expressing his dissatisfaction when he criticized his race car and team over “team radio” in front of the whole world, but the Frenchman thinks that this shows only his great desire to get the most out of the car:

“I get frustrated because I want to win. When I get frustrated, I talk on the radio. Where else could I do this? ”

“I could only say, OK, I can't win. I'll just pick up my money and go home. “

“If I come to create points when I'm a superstar 33 and I will become a resort world the champion is more or less my career. ”

“For me, this winning spirit is important that you are not happy when you beat your team mate and are at the same time 14. starting point. That's not enough for me. “

“For some, I am happy for them, but for me it will never be.”

“I know I have to calm my emotions when I talk on team radio, but I'm frustrated because I want to win.



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