Lewis Hamilton pointed a few harsh words against former teammate and current World Champion Nico Rosberg. Hamilton believes that the atmosphere on the team is much better after the German's departure.

Hamilton and Rosberg achieved great results together with Mercedes, attaching silver drivers in the hybrid era to three driver and three design titles. However, the relationship between the former good friends has become more fragile from season to season. After winning the season 2016, Nico Rosberg went racing, and Lewis spoke to The Solar about the changes at Brackley after German's departure:

“His departure did not make my job easier, but now the work environment within the team is much better. When you replace a negative link with a positive link, it becomes easier. It's like when a fuse blows and when you replace it everything works fine again. ”

“Even if I were still here, it wouldn't affect my racing. I'm always marrying salvage new limits, and Nico knows that. “

It was just like insisting on a bad relationship just because you love someone. Only when the relationship ends do you say, “That really wasn't good for me. Mercedes is a very positive team now. “

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