Kubica: I am proud to have silenced the critics with my return


Robert Kubica is convinced that by his return to Formula 1 he has silenced all critics who doubted that the Pole would be injured after a serious injury of the year 2011 have ever raced in an elite motorsport class.

Formula 1 has won 12 the winning stage, years 2008 finished the World Cup in a great fourth place. Regarded as one of the greatest talents in the world of motorsport, the Polish 2011 has suffered a serious accident with a Rally racer. After seven years of arduous and exhausting rehab, Kubica has the fastest circus in the season 2019 with Team Williams.

Although Kubica has finished most of the races this season, the Polish racer estimates his return to Formula 1 as successful.

Cube told RaceFans.fetch:

“I never doubted that I could return, but after such a long absence, there is always some thought. My fitness is good and I can easily go the full length of the race. I think I silenced all the critics who doubted I could succeed. However, much has changed during this time. Much emphasis is placed on tires that need to be constantly saved. If you want to race fast, a lot of attention needs to be given to tire understanding. “

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